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23 Coolest Coaxial Cable Cutters

  1. Yankok Yankok [Coaxial Cable Crimper Kit] with Coax Crimper, Cable Striper Cutter and 20 Pcs F Connectors for RG6 RG11 RG59 F81 RCA Compression Crimp Tool Coaxial wire stripping tool prep tool and cutter gives users an easy and costeffective way to cut and strip wire and coaxial cables category cables phonenetwork or

15 Most Wanted Strippers

  1. Cables Direct Online Deluxe Rotary Coax Coaxial Cable Stripper Cutter Tool RG58 RG6 RG59 Quad, Dual Double blades coax cable stripper 100 brand new top quality Removes 4 6 8 and 12mm insulation adjustable Use easily lock the tool over the cable spin clockwise then pull off the unwanted portion Fully adjustable replaceable

Top 18 Coax Cable Strippers

  1. DEVMO DEVMO Cable Stripper Coaxial Wire Coax Stripping Tool RG6 RG11 RG58 RG59 Universal Two blades one for stripping and one for cutting Smooth plastic grip provide extra comfort and hard plastic construction for durability Stripes outer jackets of coaxial cables such as rg58 rg59 rg8x rg6 lmr200 lmr240 and similar diameter coax

Best and Coolest 18 Stripping Pliers

  1. Uvital Wire Stripper, Uvital Electrician Automatic 3 in 1 Wire Stripping Pliers, Cutting, Crimping 24-10 AW/ 34-3 Gauge/ 0.2-6 mm, 8 Inch Self-adjusting, Multi-Function Hand Tool Simple and fast convenient and practical stripping tangent crimping after stripping the wire the wire end can be cut and then the terminal is pressed Warranty and

23 Most Wanted Wire Strippings

  1. knoweasy Knoweasy Automatic Wire Stripper and Cutter,Heavy Duty Wire Stripping Tool 2 in 1 and Wire Stripper Tool for Electronic and Automotive Repair Automatically design automatic stripping pliers automatically adjust according to the volume of cable wire stripping diameter After sales warranty your customer satisfaction and 12 months warranty of wire stripping tool

Best and Coolest 23 Irwin Tools

  1. IRWIN IRWIN Vise-Grip Wire Stripping Tool / Wire Cutter, 8-Inch (2078309), Multicolor Crimps insulated and noninsulated terminals Bolt cutter cuts bolts to size and leaves perfect lead thread Wire cutter with induction hardened cutting edge stays sharp longer Strips and cuts 1022 awg Pliers style nose allows wire stripper to pull and loop

16 Best and Coolest Coax Crimpers

  1. Tanstic Tanstic 25Pcs Coax Cable Crimper Tool Kit, Including Coax Crimping Pliers and Coax Wire Stripper, Wire Cable Cutters F Compression Connectors and Screwdriver for Cable TV Video Audio Coaxial wire stripper this coaxial wire stripper come with a hexagonal tool for mounting screw Hand ring design and spring make more easy and

Coolest 23 Electric Wire Strippers

  1. Geltvilra Wire Twisting Tool Cable Wire Stripper and Twister for Electrical Power Drill, 3 Way/ 5 Way Wire Stripping Tool Compatible with 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10 AWG Wire Durable material made of highquality metal applying hightemperature extraction workmanship which is of high hardness strong wear resistance and heat resistance Good performance even

25 Greatest Screw Cutters

  1. Glarks Glarks Coaxial Cable Tool Set, Coax RF Connector Crimping Tool + Coaxial Cable Stripper + BNC/UHF Crimp Male Connectors + Wire Cutter + Screw Driver for RG58, RG59, RG62, RG174 About coaxial wire stripper work with rg58596263v2v4c5c Builtin spring is helpful for saving effort when using double blades design can strip various

Coolest 20 Wire Stripper Crimpers

  1. Gardner Bender Gardner Bender GS-388 Electrical Pliers, Crimper & Cutter, Comfort Grip, Aluminum & Copper Wire, Hand Tool, 8 in. , Red 8 in High leverage design and a nonslip comfort grip handle Tapered nose for cutting in tight locations Easily cut copper and aluminum wire Crimps 2210 awg noninsulated terminals Made with